CyberPro Consulting Merges With the PBT Group

CyberPro Consulting Merges With the PBT Group


CyberPro Consulting is pleased to announce that we have concluded a merger with the PBT Group, a Professional IT Services provider, incorporated in the JSE listed Prescient Limited Group.

As of September 2012, CyberPro Consulting becomes a division of the PBT Group, with a focus on the Microsoft technology stack and professional services in the Microsoft space.



CyberPro Consulting has had a successful twelve year history based on organic growth and strong, on-going client relationships.

The company reached a size and market penetration where a merger was the next logical step to enable future growth and to provide CyberPro with the backing and capacity to effectively service its client base and to enable CyberPro to deepen its offering to its clients.

The PBT business model and culture are a strong fit for CyberPro and the merger enables CyberPro and PBT together to achieve economies of scale, as well as to provide a diverse service offering to its clients. At the same time the business model, which sees CyberPro becoming a division of PBT, enables CyberPro to remain agile and focused on core competencies.



The PBT Group is a provider of IT consulting services, focusing on Information Management including, Enterprise Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and supportive layers such as Data Quality, Master Data Management, Big Data, Mobile and cloud computing across the technology vendor spectrum.

The PBT Group listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 2010, with a 13 year history and a combined team of over 400 staff, providing services within South Africa, as well as Africa, the Middle East and Australia.

On 20 August 2012 a merger with Prescient Holdings (Pty) Ltd was finalized, resulting in a listing of Prescient Limited on the JSE.



Going forward, CyberPro Consulting will retain its strong focus on consulting around, and implementation of software solutions, with emphasis on Microsoft technology.

CyberPro Consulting continues to concentrate on the following pillars:

  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • System and Application Integration
  • Database Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Collaboration and Enterprise Content Management
  • Workflow and Business Process
  • Business Analysis
  • Technical Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

CyberPro will also continue to operate and grow its resourcing services division, CyberPro Resourcing.



The following structure applies from Sep 2012:

  • CyberPro Consulting (Pty) Ltd remains an independent legal entity
  • Executive Directors: Petr Havlik, Piero Pallini
  • Non-executive directors: Ken Wood, Armande Kruger and Michelle-Baron Williamson
  • CyberPro Consulting will operate under the name: CyberPro Consulting, a PBT Group company
  • CyberPro Consulting has expanded to the Cape Town region, leveraging off the PBT Group’s strong presence and exposure in Cape Town.



The overriding rationale behind the merger is to strengthen the CyberPro client value proposition. The merger will see the following positive impact to our clients:

  • The PBT merger positions CyberPro as part of a listed IT company with a total head count of 350+ staff.
  • The merger creates a wider service offering. The PBT Group as a whole offers services spanning Oracle, Microsoft, SAS, SAP and IBM amongst others and has extensive experience in enterprise data warehousing and data analytics projects. CyberPro brings strong enterprise software development and integration capability into the equation.
  • The pricing strategy will not change. CyberPro is aggressively priced in the market and PBT Group has the same philosophy.
  • The merger allows CyberPro to enhance its ability to retain and grow talent with a diversified career path available to our staff.
  • The merger gives the company the capability to confidently deliver large scale enterprise solutions to its corporate clients.
  • Further emphasis will be placed on training and R&D, enabling CyberPro to further enhance its standing as a thought leader and trusted advisor to its clients.



The merger sees CyberPro Consulting enter the next chapter of its story and leapfrogs the business to the next level. At the same time CyberPro remains committed to the values and business model that have made it successful to date and we look forward to continuing a mutually beneficial relationship with all our clients. Over the coming months we will be in contact to introduce the combined team as well as our diversified service offering.