Automation and Manual Testing

In today’s agile environments Automation Testing is a non-negotiable component of the SDLC

Testing has seen a number of evolutions, from having started as a neglected last step in a project, through to labour intensive manual-testing and most recently automation testing, which has become an integral part of any modern software team.
CyberPro understand the importance of testing and specifically Automation Testing in the agile software lifecycle.

Our testing services range from the supply of manual testing skills, often required in legacy environments, through to highly skilled Automation Testing consultants who are essentially software developers with a focus on unit test and automation scripting development.

Testing Services Include:

  • Test Case Development and Management
  • Manual Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Web and Mobile Automation Testing
  • Web Services and API Automation Testing
  • Data Testing
  • Unit Test Code Development
  • Test Management