Cloud and DevOps Services

Cloud providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure have created a whole new world of flexibility and features available to any organisation

…But this has come with exponential complexity requiring dedicated DevOps experts who are a magical combination of development skills and SDLC lifecycle experience, combined with server and network engineer skills and a deep understanding of the complex On-Premise as well as Cloud based tools.
No wonder DevOps is currently one of the most in demand skill-sets in the IT industry.

The majority of our software developer teams work at least partly, and sometime fully on cloud based platforms. This includes utilising the servers, frameworks and tools that are available on the Azure and AWS platforms to facilitate web and mobile applications, microservices and APIs, as well as database, big Data and data analytics solutions. Our DevOps engineers provide our clients with the skills and consulting required to setup both on-prem as well as cloud based CI and CD, source control repositories, Configuration Management and agile project lifecycle tools

Cloud and DevOps services include:

  • Development of full stack applications for the Cloud
  • Cloud-based scalable Container and application hosting setup
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment setup
  • Source Control and Configuration Management setup
  • Integration between hybrid On-Prem and Cloud solutions
  • Cloud hosted Big Data and Data Streaming
  • Cloud hosted API gateway and integration solutions
  • Cloud based Data Science and AI solutions