Digital Development, UI and UX

Digital is rapidly becoming the primary customer engagement channel … it’s do or die

The use of the internet, social media and mobile devices continues to change the way we live, gather information and do business.

It is non-negotiable that any business serious about attracting and servicing customers has to be digitally enabled, both client facing as well as to it’s business partners and the back office.

Digital is no longer the domain of hopeful disruptors and start-ups, but the new normal for any established and successful enterprise.

Vertically Integrated Digital Solutions

Customers expect instant online gratification. The organisation that wins is the one that is able to marry old school values such as brand reputation, product offering and trust with the power of instant digital client interaction, any place, any time. This takes tight integration of web and mobile front ends with legacy enterprise systems, data analytics and business processes.

Due to this need for complex vertical integration, Digital is no longer the sole domain of digital agencies, but rather of full service software development providers. Having cut our teeth in online application development since the first e-commerce days in 2000, CyberPro is strongly positioned for end-to-end digital enablement.

Examples of Digital Services:

  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design
  • Web application development
  • Native Mobile app and Hybrid Mobile app development
  • Cloud hosted mobile and web solutions (Microsoft Azure / Amazon AWS)
  • Web and Mobile integration into back office systems
  • Web services and back-end system development required to for web and mobile enablement