Software development services

Line-of-Business System and Web Development

Over many years of providing software solutions, applications and systems to our clients, we have developed a significant base of know-how which enables us to deliver fast, tried and tested solutions that give our clients the technological edge.

Our software development focus is on the delivery of custom line-of-business systems, data-driven applications, enterprise software solutions, system integration as well as internet and mobile applications. Our solutions are based on established software design methodologies and current software architecture principles.

Our software solutions include:

  • Client-facing web solutions and portals
  • Document management and content management systems
  • Business process and workflow
  • Mobile app solutions
  • Line-of-business system development
  • System integration and partner integration
  • Database development
  • Business Intelligence and Master Data Management

System Integration

Companies need their in-house systems as well as their external systems and data feeds to be suitably integrated in order to perform in the modern enterprise environment.

Interfacing with legacy systems as well as business partners’ systems is a challenge constantly faced by most organisations. CyberPro Consulting has a strong focus on system integration into third party systems as well as our clients’ legacy systems.

We embrace the Service-Orientated Architecture (SOA) approach, which aims to promote re-usable components, utilising open standards such as XML to maximise system interoperability and optimum business logic re-use in organisations, as well as inter-organisational integration.

CyberPro utilises Microsoft BizTalk server for enterprise level integration requirements, as well as custom-developed integration solutions. We are familiar with a number of industry-specific data exchange standards such as ACORD for the insurance environment.

Some examples of system integration:

  • Messaging and data exchange with business partner and client systems
  • Integration with service providers, e.g. credit scoring and debit order collections
  • Enterprise Service Bus (SOA) implementations
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Cross-divisional system integration
  • Extraction and consolidation of data from multiple sources

Business Process Management solutions

CyberPro delivers custom developed BPM solutions as well as implementation of Workflow tools such as K2. The K2 suite of products is a natural choice for organisations already using Microsoft’s suite of technologies and looking for enterprise strength workflow and a rapid application deployment platform.