CyberPro Consulting combines a Passion for Technology with a Genuine Interest in our customer’s Business and Success

With almost two decades of experience in the IT and software development industry, CyberPro Consulting has a diverse client base, ranging from large-scale enterprises to SME businesses.

Servicing clients across all major business centres in South Africa, we have developed expertise in a number of industries, with particularly strong exposure in the Banking, Insurance, Investment and Retail sectors, among others.

We’re flexible

CyberPro offers the highest quality professional services at competitive rates. Our flexible engagement options range from consulting and full outsourcing to co-source and onsite contractor models.

Our history: It started with a boom

CyberPro Consulting was established at the height of the dot-com boom…

The company’s initial focus was e-commerce and web enablement of line-of-business systems. We quickly progressed to servicing corporate clients and developing enterprise systems, database-driven solutions and system integration for our clients.

The company has evolved into a diverse technology entity, providing services spanning the major vendors as well as technology areas.

CyberPro Consulting is part of a listed group comprising a total of over 500 consultants, giving us the scale and stability to confidently services the top South African corporates.


Why work with CyberPro?

  • Client Focused
    Over and above technical expertise, CyberPro has a strong understanding in a number of business verticals. This is the key to meaningful relationships with our clients and our ability to translate your requirements into workable IT solutions.
  • Over Achievers
    CyberPro spends significant efforts to grow and retain a hand-picked, focused team with solid technology and business skills. The quality of our staff is the single biggest factor in our success and ability to service our clients effectively.
  • Full-solution Provider
    Our technology focus areas have been selected to dovetail into each other and hence deliver an end-to-end technology solution to our clients.
  • Multi-skilled Professionals
    CyberPro has a team able to deliver not only technical services, but the full range of skills required to successfully implement technology, including business process consulting, project management and quality assurance.
  • Great Credibility
    The company has a solid track record, spanning almost two decades of delivering value-driven solutions to a client base of over one hundred clients ranging from SME to enterprise clients
  • Industry Knowledge
    CyberPro has fostered significant industry know-how in a number of verticals – particularly in the retail, banking, insurance and financial services industries
  • Good pricing, Great service
    CyberPro offers competitive pricing with a flexible approach to servicing our clients’ needs, and a strong belief in building sustainable relationships

Corporate conscience

Corporate social responsibility

CyberPro Consulting’s involvement in social responsibility programmes includes providing ongoing support to organisations that focus on training and empowerment of previously disadvantaged communities, with a specific focus on IT skills development.

BEE compliance

CyberPro Consulting is a Level 3 BEE contributor, i.e. a 110% contributor. This rating is based on verification by an accredited verification agency and means that our clients meet 110% of their obligation in terms of the BBBEE procurement pillar on any spend with CyberPro Consulting.

Click here to download a copy of our BBBEE certificate.