Database Development and DBA Services

Relational, Dimensional, NoSQL, Big Data .. we build and admin them all

The Database is at the heart of any functional IT system, with Relational and Dimensional SQL databases still king of the enterprise line-of-business system, NoSQL databases popular for Digital solutions and Big Data platforms muscling in on the data analytics landscape.

As a company focusing on data driven enterprise solutions, one of CyberPro’s main service offerings is database design, development and administration. We cover the popular relational databases such as ProgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, as well as NoSQL platforms such as MongoDB, CouchDB etc. and the Big Data technologies.

Database Services:

  • Relational Database Design and SQL Development
  • NoSQL Database Development
  • Dimensional (Data Warehouse) Database Design and Development
  • Data Migration, Import and Export
  • Data Architecture
  • DBA Services
  • Big Data development and integration