Database design and administration

End-to-end Database Development and Design

We deliver complex relational database design and development, data migration and integration, DBA services as well as Business Intelligence and MDM solutions.

The vast majority of CyberPro’s projects have a data component, hence one of the main service areas of our company is database design and development. Our focus is on MS SQL Server and the Oracle database platforms. CyberPro has extensive experience in designing relational database as well as BI schemas, in particular insurance, financial and wealth systems and data warehouses.

CyberPro’s database development services are complemented by our database administration services, which focus on MS SQL Server.

Our database administration (DBA) consultants offer onsite services to our clients, such as optimisation, SQL development, data migration and Infrastructure consolidation projects.

Database Services:

  • Relational database and Data Warehouse design
  • Database to database integration
  • Data migration, import and export
  • SQL and batch job development
  • Data architecture consulting and modelling
  • Assistance with specific database problems, such as performance and locking
  • Database backup and DR strategy consulting